Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group to strengthen AML practices with Nice Actimize

Source: Nice Actimize

Facing the complexities of global regulations, Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group has selected NICE Actimize, a NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) business and the leader in Autonomous Financial Crime Management, to strengthen its anti-money laundering solutions strategy.

Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group, the benchmark bank in Andorra, will integrate a suite of NICE Actimize anti-money laundering solutions into its financial crime operations in order to more effectively address the world’s anti-money laundering regulations. Crèdit Andorrà’s holdings include financial institutions in Luxembourg, Panama and Spain, as well as a United States-based broker-dealer.

Christophe Canler, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Crèdit AndorràAmong NICE Actimize’s competitive AML offerings, Crèdit Andorrà chose its Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Due Diligence and Watchlist Filtering solutions because of NICE Actimize’s deep industry experience, strong vision, and continued investment and commitment to AML technologies, including intelligent automation and machine learning capabilities. NICE Actimize’s functionality for CDD supports the complete lifecycle assessment and re-assessment of customer risk as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory requirements including complex beneficial ownership structures.

“Maintaining our reputation as a benchmark bank is important to Crèdit Andorrà, and with the recent pressure to comply with EU and US regulations and other global requirements around money laundering, we knew we had to work with an industry leader to address the demands of our institutions located in a range of countries. Andorra attracts investors from around the world, making it all the more critical to have a sophisticated framework that evaluates customer onboarding and monitors transactions effectively. We identified NICE Actimize as the provider with the most effective solutions across all key areas of anti-money laundering, offering us a solid roadmap that will help our institutions grow and adapt with future market fluctuations.”

Joe Friscia, President, NICE Actimize “NICE Actimize is pleased to bring the strength of our anti-money laundering portfolio and our robust product roadmap to the network of financial services organizations under Credit Andorra’s management,” said Joe Friscia, President, NICE Actimize. “As regulators tighten rules around customer onboarding and criminal entities work harder, NICE Actimize is committed to advancing its anti-money laundering solutions. Leveraging our experience in advanced analytics and transaction monitoring solutions, our objective is to leverage intelligence and automation to reduce human effort and error, meeting regulators’ requirements to detect and report sophisticated crime schemes.”

By addressing such complexities as changing criminal abuses of the financial system, regulatory requirements, high personnel costs, and dramatic shifts in technology, NICE Actimize’s recently-announced Autonomous Financial Crime Management approach represents a shift in unifying and mitigating risk through targeted utilization of big data, advanced analytics everywhere, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation which in concert reduce reputational risk and handle these issues more effectively.

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