United Trust Bank bins spreadhseets for Xactium system

Source: Xactium

United Trust Bank (UTB) is an established, specialist bank providing a wide range of secured funding facilities for individuals and businesses and competitive deposit accounts for individuals, businesses and charities.

Having recognised the need for a more efficient means of managing risks in the organisation, United Trust Bank selected Xactium as their preferred vendor across the business.

Whilst spreadsheets are a useful tool, managing them in real time across different business units and then producing reports absorbs huge amounts of employee time. United Trust Bank required a system which reduced the amount of time spent managing data and allowed the risk management team to spend their time more efficiently, assessing and acting on the information presented in the reports. By implementing Xactium, first line of defence staff across the business are now able to record their risk data in real time and this allows 2nd and 3rd line to review and monitor efficiently.

Christos Gabrielides, Chief Risk Officer at United Trust Bank, said: “As UTB grows it requires an efficient and integrated risk management system to be used to support the monitoring and reporting of risk. Xactium was identified as an efficient and integrated system to help us manage risk across the business. We look forward to using the system and spending our time on analysing and managing risks rather than on collecting and administrating data.”

Andy Evans, Managing Director, Xactium commented: “Xactium is rapidly growing in the banking sector, and it’s great to welcome United Trust Bank as a new customer benefiting from our risk solution. United Trust Bank is growing quickly, and I’m confident our flexible and modern solutions will be able to adapt rapidly to the Bank’s evolving needs.”

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