Mambu launches marketplace

Source: Mambu

Mambu, the leading SaaS banking engine today launched Mambu Marketplace, a growing collection of trusted partners offering cloud-enabled best-of-breed apps, products and tools to help financial institutions build a holistic and agile digital banking architecture.

Mambu Marketplace offers a choice of global and localised solutions which can be seamlessly integrated with the SaaS engine to rapidly address evolving business and customer requirements. Offerings in the digital marketplace are based on an API-driven composable architecture giving institutions the flexibility to identify and implement seamlessly, increasing business and customer value.

According to Ben Goldin, Mambu’s Head of Product and Technology, the launch sets the stage for Mambu’s pre-integration strategy. “We believe in the power of collaboration and that no single vendor can provide market leading components for every module of a digital banking architecture. We see Mambu Marketplace almost as a financial services app store, where best-of-breed technologies are selected and validated by Mambu before making them easily accessible to our clients.

“We are building a comprehensive marketplace of partners to support the banking and lending architectures of the bank of tomorrow. Traditional core systems and products delivered by a single vendor are not agile enough to compete in the digital age. Our solution architects will work with clients to integrate their chosen solutions with Mambu reducing risk and time to market. By working with leading technology partners, institutions can quickly build the right architecture wherever they are on their transformation digital journey. It also allows them to focus on delivery of their strategy and customer experience instead of dedicating time and resources to development,” said Goldin.

“For partners Mambu Marketplace provides an opportunity to present their offerings to institutions and influencers with the Mambu engine powering a composable architecture. With a digital-first mindset and a shared view of agility, integration and modularity, this collaborative approach will change how digital banking solutions are delivered. Our growth and success is linked to partner success as we work towards common client goals,” concluded Goldin.

Mambu Marketplace was launched as part of Mambu’s revamped digital identity which includes a new look website and blog spot called Hive. 

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