Odyssey completes integration with Obike for blockchain-based payments

Source: Odyssey

Odyssey, a Singapore founded blockchain company, is pleased to announce the completion of its digital asset mobile payment solution, Odyssey Wallet integration with dock-less bike sharing provider oBike.

OCN will be the first ever digital asset integrated into the future decentralized sharing economy. 

Sophie Guan, project lead, Odyssey Protocol Foundation, said "We are happy to announce the completion of Odyssey Wallet integration into oBike's systems. Odyssey looks to simplify payment solutions, build a revolutionary sharing economy system and we are excited to deliver this starting from this program. It is the 1st step towards the project mission to build a universal credit/trust-based protocol and blockchain technical solutions to enhance the marketplace efficiency, which will bring the sharing economy market to the next level." 

Under the agreement with Odyssey, oBike will pilot the use of OCN, the digital asset of the Odyssey Protocol, which features its first of a kind social credit and reward-based Protocol. 

This integration means that OCN becomes available to oBike's 10 million+ users, enhancing international payments of its riders across its 17 countries of operations worldwide. 

"As a technology driven sustainable transport provider, oBike continuously looks to improve its bike sharing offering and user experience including its payments solutions.

It is in line with this vision that oBike is partnering with leading decentralized sharing economy blockchain provider Odyssey(OCN) to launch this mobile payment integration program." Said Edward Chen, Co-founder and CMO of oBike. 

James Lawrence, Director North American Community Management, Odyssey Protocol Foundation, said "It is Odyssey's mission to lower costs and increase trust in the decentralized sharing economy and it is through world class partnerships with teams like oBike, who understand the benefits of digital assets and are serious about using OCN to lower payment costs and times, that we can deliver on this." 

"We look forward to collaborating with oBike during this program. We strongly believe that the transparency and accountability of Blockchain technology will continue to positively shape world and businesses alike," Lawrence added. 

Odyssey Protocol will continue to explore further integration opportunities with other partnerships.

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