Citi provides $100 million warehouse facility for Oodle Car Finance

Source: Oodle Car Finance

Banking giant Citigroup is throwing its weight behind fintech startup Oodle Car Finance - with the announcement of funding for a £100 million warehouse facility.

The partnership, following £60 million of equity investment from the global investment  firm KKR last year, is another sign of the growing confidence that some of the world’s  largest financial institutions have in the company’s bold vision to revolutionise the  industry.    

Oodle Car Finance is breaking the mould of a lender in the used-car market by merging  car search and finance into one seamless digital process. This rapid online operation  pairs customers with their perfect cars, some of the UK’s best car dealers and finance,  in just a few minutes.  

The fledgling fintech from Oxford has already received over a £1.18 billion worth of  finance applications and using PPC (Pay Per Click) have generated over 100,000  click-throughs to their dealer partners websites. By working in partnership with some of  the best car dealers and by bringing them closer to car buyers, Oodle believes it can 
achieve its ultimate mission to create a best-in-class consumer experience, where both  customers and dealers reap the benefits. 

“The Citigroup funding is a key milestone that will help us support innovation and turn  the used-car market on its head, transforming the way car purchases are financed,”  Oodle’s CEO Jonny Clayton explained. “It’s a vote of confidence from yet another  credible financial institution - a significant endorsement of our radical business model.  The partnership gives us room to grow and the funding means we can pass on the  benefits of more affordable loan products to our customers.”  

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