DCI introduces online cheque-fraud prevention system

Source: DCI

DCI, a provider of full-service bank technology and processing solutions to the financial industry, announced today the availability of its new Web-enabled iCore Inter@ct tools to help financial institutions prevent check fraud and deliver statements and check images via the Internet.

By verifying checks against a record file created by DCI's iCore processing system, iCore Inter@ct: Positive Pay equips financial institutions with the technology to detect fraudulent items at the time they are presented at the teller, and before any money leaves the bank. iCore Inter@ct: Positive Pay is also completely integrated at the institution from the teller line to the Internet, eliminating vulnerabilities, inefficiencies and inaccuracies with reduced technical barriers.

iCore Inter@ct: Statements uses secure Internet and encryption technology to electronically deliver statements, check images and other key information. This electronic process saves banks time and money associated with statement processing - both supply and labor - and postage expenses. iCore Inter@ct: Statements enables banks to eliminate paper forms and manual entry further freeing resources and increasing business efficiency, allowing personnel to focus on enhancing customer service.

"The iCore Inter@ct options utilizes the latest and most secure Internet technologies to provide these web-enabled tools," said John Jones, president and CEO of DCI. "These advancements in technology help keep community financial institutions competitive. iCore Inter@ct enables banks to attract and retain today's customers with the online statements, images and fraud prevention services they want, but in an efficient and economical way."

iCore Inter@ct: Statements and iCore Inter@ct: Positive Pay are the latest extensions to the DCI iCore product solution, an integrated Windows core processing system for complete bank management, and specifically designed for intuitive, customer-focused operation and business efficiency.

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