AcadiaSoft launches CollateralManager

Source: AcadiaSoft

AcadiaSoft, the leading industry provider of margin automation solutions for counterparties engaged in collateral management worldwide, today announced the launch of CollateralManager, which will provide complete end-to-end collateral management for all buy-side firms via the AcadiaSoft Hub.

The web-based platform covers all agreement types - OTC Bilateral, OTC-Cleared, Exchange Traded Derivatives, Repo, MSFTA, Securities Lending and Borrowing and lends itself to asset managers, hedge funds and corporates who have regulatory and operational requirements to automate their internal collateral management process.

CollateralManager is fully integrated into AcadiaSoft's MarginSphere®, the industry standard margin confirmation service that streamlines communications between counterparties engaged in collateral management through automation and electronic messaging.

"With every global bank and nearly all regional dealers now engaged on the Hub, the natural next step for us is to expand AcadiaSoft's offerings to the buy-side community," said Chris Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of AcadiaSoft. "By integrating CollateralManager with MarginSphere®,we can provide a one-stop shop for the buy-side's collateral and messaging needs. Our easy-to-use cloud-based platform will help firms reduce the time and cost previously required to manage collateral and margin calculations."

CollateralManager allows firms to customize dashboards with inventory management, collateral optimization and margin call communication capabilities. The inventory management capability tracks available collateral from allocation to agreed obligations. The service also provides position management, which will set collateral values based on eligibility terms and the latest pricing data. Participating firms will be able to access all the banks currently engaged on the AcadiaSoft Hub.

"Collateral Management can be especially time-consuming under the new margin rules for smaller side firms that have fewer internal resources," said Mark Demo, Product Director at AcadiaSoft. "CollateralManager is a light-touch platform that gives access to both collateral management and messaging services across all agreement types. Through this platform, firms will be able to streamline the management of collateral movements and margin payments, thus eliminating the need to rely on spreadsheets and manual processes." 

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