Ingenico introduces PIN on mobile for mciro-merchants

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the global leader in seamless payment, has developed an innovative payment solution for micro-merchants based on a technology generally called PIN on Glass (PoG) or PIN on Mobile (PoM).

It will enable consumers to insert their cards in a compact smartcard reader and manually enter their PIN on the personal mobile device of the merchant. This concept was developed with our technological partner, MYPINPAD, a global leader in payments software authentication solutions headquartered in the United Kingdom.

At Ingenico, we believe that PIN on Glass technology will accelerate the deployment of mPOS solutions among micro-merchants as it offers excellent customer experience without compromises on security.

The solution is comprised of:

A secure card reader (SCR) to read EMV and contactless bank cards,
A mobile PIN entry application (MPEA) to enter the PIN on the merchant’s device,
A back-end Trust Service to analyse and verify that the execution environment of the merchant’s device is secure before manual PIN entry.

Ingenico Group has successfully integrated PIN on Glass into the overall payment process and existing infrastructure. Its solution has been approved by the main card schemes such as Mastercard. Ingenico Group has received waivers to conduct field tests in several countries, which are about to be launched.

Ingenico Group has anticipated the new security requirements published by the PCI Security Standards Council in January 2018, on which this innovation is based. The Council will also release the certification framework during the course of 2018.

"This PIN on Glass solution will perfectly complement existing Ingenico offers. It will allow our clients to build disruptive business models and extend card acceptance among micro-merchants, with a solution designed for their specific payment needs.’ said Patrice Le Marre, Executive Vice President, Banks & Acquirers Business Unit, Ingenico Group.

"Digital innovation is happening at a rapid pace, and standards are critical to ensuring the security, consistency of experience and adoption of new technology. It is great to see Ingenico develop a PIN on Glass solution that advances our vision of every device being a secure acceptance device.’ said Bruce Rutherford, Senior Vice President of security standards and solutions at Mastercard.

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