LHV selects Fico to combat money laundering

Source: Fico

LHV, the largest domestic financial group in Estonia, will use the FICO® TONBELLER Siron Anti Financial Crimes Solutions to fight money laundering and comply with a host of European financial regulations.

LHV will use the software's customer risk scoring, screening, transaction monitoring and behavior monitoring capabilities to comply with the 4th and 5th EU Money Laundering Directives anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) and other regulations aimed at stopping criminal finance.

Founded in 1999, LHV has 135,000 banking clients and more than 180,000 investment clients. LHV's expansion plans include opening an office in London this spring, as the bank has received approval from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

"Our bank's security and reputation are vital, and we need to make sure we operate according to changing global regulatory requirements," said Martti Singi, chief risk officer of LHV. "After reviewing the top solutions in the market, we concluded that FICO's solution was the most powerful, comprehensive and flexible. In addition, we were impressed with their roadmap for AML analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning."

"AML regulations are making it harder for criminals to launder money, and FICO is making it easier for banks like LHV to comply," said Torsten Mayer, vice president for compliance solutions at FICO. "This is a priority for banks worldwide, and no firm has as complete a solution as FICO."

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