Benelux organisation sign blockchain collaboration MoU

Source: The LHoFT

Three organizations - B-Hive, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition - today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will allow them to leverage their significant collaboration potential for mutual benefit around the topic of distributed ledger technology, otherwise known as blockchain, and allows them to recognize each other’s contribution towards this collaboration.

The MoU confirms the mutual interest in collaboration and defines the general guidelines of collaboration among the organizations.

The MoU begins with a one-year collaboration period and includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

• Exchange learnings and know-how on how blockchain technology can create added value for society and business in general;
• Work together on defining international/European standards for distributed ledger technology;
• Exchange learnings and know-how on managing identity on the blockchain from a self-sovereign identity perspective (the concept that people and businesses can manage their own identity data without relying on a central authority);
• Identify and collaborate on cross-border use cases;
• Help each other to extend respective know-how regarding DLT topics and themes.

The document was signed by Dave Remue, Program Manager of TrustHive at B-Hive, Alex Panican, Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem at the LHoFT Foundation and Frans van Ette, Coalition Manager of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

Dave Remue, Program Manager of TrustHive at B-Hive: “We are very excited about this Benelux blockchain alliance. It provides us a structure to exchange learnings about blockchain projects on a larger scale, and we look forward to those use cases that leverage blockchain technology across sectors and across borders where innovative startups and scale-ups work together with established organizations.”

Alex Panican, Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem at the LHoFT Foundation: “This cooperation between B-Hive, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the LHoFT is the confirmation of the strong and trusted collaboration between three tech-minded organizations in the Benelux region working side by side for mutual benefit around blockchain technology leveraging cross-border use cases.”

Frans van Ette, Coalition Manager of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition: “The rapid development of distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) leads to challenges that cannot be resolved within the borders of a single country. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to collaborate on the international stage in order to effectively coordinate the development of this young, disruptive technology. As in many other partnerships, the Benelux countries seek collaboration in this space. Our cooperation makes us stronger and our voices are better heard.”

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