SunGard integrates Front Arena with Monis

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced integration between FRONT ARENA, its cross-asset trading platform, and Monis, its analytics, systems, data and training services for convertible bonds, credit derivatives, equity options, FX options and interest rate derivatives.

As a result of the integration, FRONT ARENA now contains equity-linked and convertible position-keeping and risk functionality. The integration is an example of SunGard's Common Services Architecture (CSA) initiative.

FRONT ARENA customers can take advantage of Monis' built-in analytics and data libraries, the industry standard for valuing convertibles and other financial instruments including access to full terms, conditions and valuation parameters of more than 2,000 convertible bonds. In addition, the latest version of FRONT ARENA offers pricing and valuation of new securities including Contracts For Difference (CFD's) and Variance Swaps as well as mark-to-market-based funding calculations.

"The SunGard CSA is both a process for collaboration between SunGard product development teams and a common technology framework. The FRONT ARENA/Monis initiative is just one example of how SunGard is able to support financial institutions in trading a wider range of asset classes and their derivatives, while helping to streamline the number of systems across the trading organization to help realize operational benefits", said Peter James, regional manager, SunGard's Monis business unit.

"The continual evolution of structured products is placing greater demand on systems to support more complex hybrid derivatives," commented Peter Banham, global head of product and marketing, at SunGard's FRONT ARENA business unit. "The Monis integration helps give FRONT ARENA a competitive edge for advanced equity-linked and convertibles securities trading, within one scalable software framework."

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