BlueSnap partners with fraud and risk experts to protect all-in-one payment platform

Source: Blue Snap

BlueSnap, an online payments technology company, announces today that it has enhanced its end-to-end fraud and risk management in the all-in-one payment platform to protect payments at every stage of the journey. The platform comes with a full fraud-stack solution built-in from Chargebacks 911, Kount, Verifi, Ethoca, and CardinalCommerce for 3-D Secure.

Card-not-present (CNP) fraud losses are expected to reach $6.4B in the U.S. alone in 2018. As a result, it is more crucial than ever for online businesses to put robust fraud solutions in place to protect their business and enable growth strategy. But managing multiple integrations and systems can be time-consuming and complex.

BlueSnap’s platform includes a suite of world-class fraud prevention and risk management tools built-in so businesses can accept more orders, from more people, and in more places than ever before. The BlueSnap platform includes:

• Chargebacks911 - By combining Intelligent Source Detection™ technology and unmatched expertise, Chargebacks911 fully manages chargebacks to protect businesses against invalid disputes and friendly fraud, with the goal of recovering lost revenue, reducing risk and protecting their bottom line.

• Kount - Integration of Kount Central applies advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology directly into the payment workflow. Information gathered in Kount Central is reviewed in real-time, evaluated against hundreds of data points and then aligned to merchant’s specific business policies. The result is a level of confidence with every transaction with no added friction in the checkout process.

• Ethoca & Verifi - Verifi CDRN and Ethoca Alerts can stop chargebacks before they happen and can prevent up to 40% of fraud and non-fraud related chargebacks so businesses keep more sales.

• 3-D Secure from CardinalCommerce - BlueSnap supports Cardinal Consumer Authentication, which leverages 3-D Secure, with all the major card programs, to authenticate Card-Not-Present transactions behind the scenes for a friction-free consumer experience. This lets businesses implement an additional layer of protection and comply with any regional or card type requirements or mandates.

“Our goal is to help businesses accept more payments with our platform without the hassle of having to manage multiple integrations. Building this critical functionality into our solution allows businesses to fraud-proof their payments with a single connection to our platform,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO, BlueSnap.

Gary Cardone, CEO of Chargebacks911, added: “We are very proud to have been chosen as BlueSnap’s technology experts in chargeback management. An alarming increase in declines, chargebacks and refunds is not sustainable and effective dispute management couldn’t be more vital for today’s growing business. BlueSnap’s pioneering efforts to bring together a solution that delivers on so many levels will introduce a new strategy for success.”

“Kount Central is designed specifically to support BlueSnap’s offering to its merchants helping them accept more good orders. Through our partnership, we have collaborated to reduce chargeback rates even during BlueSnap’s accelerated growth, allowing them to concentrate on innovations like these and not worry about fraud,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO of Kount.

Wiskirchen continued: “The most critical part of our partnership is that our solution was seamlessly integrated into the authorization stream adding virtually no friction to the merchant’s checkout process.”

BlueSnap helps businesses accelerate commerce by giving them the power to accept orders from multiple sales channels through a single solution that replaces multiple payment integrations. The Platform increases payment conversions with connections to over 20+ acquiring banks and provides additional revenue through enhanced fraud and risk management.

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