Millenniumbcp deploys Glory TellerInfinity as part of its 'branch of the future' strategy

Source: Glory

GLORY today announced that Millenniumbcp, one of the largest private banks in Portugal with over 600 branches nationwide, has begun deployment of Glory’s TellerInfinity assisted service solutions as part of their Customer Experience 2.0 program.

The deployment project follows a successful Pilot and proof of concept research by the bank. Millenniumbcp is the first bank in Portugal to offer Assisted Service to customers at its branches, and the program is part of the bank's new customer centric branch strategy, designed to enhance service delivery. The bank’s approach clearly differentiates it from its competitors, and the entire Customer Service 2.0 program is improving existing customer retention and is attracting new customers, while simultaneously lowering overall branch operating costs and enabling the bank to become even more competitive.

TellerInfinity enables migration of a wide range of staff-supported transactions to be delivered away from the teller counter, including deposits including coins, larger cash and cheque deposits and cheque cashing. The solution delivers faster customer service with less time spent queueing at the branch. As part of Millenniumbcp’s strategy, TellerInfinity enables a full range of services in a smaller branch footprint and at a fraction of the cost of traditional branches.

The Customer Service 2.0 initiative, when completed, is expected to deliver most complex transactions through assisted service technology in most full-service branches in their network.

TellerInfinity offers a unique balance between technology and personal touch and can be fully integrated into existing branch processes. The bank reports that a significant percentage of customer transactions have already migrated from the teller counter.
One of the Project Team members from Millenniumbcp said 'The user-friendly design and cash recycling technology make Glory's solution a great fit for our requirements. Glory’s innovative technology for our branches helps differentiate us from our competitors, reinforcing our recognized positions as Portugal’s most innovative bank and servicing Portugal’s most satisfied banking customers. It enables us to focus on customer service delivery by eliminating tellers counters and bringing staff and customers together in a very proactive way'.

Using TellerInfinity further enables the bank to provide key complex transactions on a 24\7 basis, further enhancing their customer service offering.

João Ferro, Managing Director, GLORY Portugal, explained 'We are delighted to be working with Millenniumbcp as they redefine customer-focused banking in Portugal through assisted service across their branch network. It is fantastic to see TellerInfinity truly impacting the bank's customer centric approach'.
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