Intellect Design Arena Q4 revenues leap 25%

Source: Intellect Design Arena

Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a specialist in applying true Digital Technologies and a global leader in Financial Technology across Banking and Insurance, announced its third quarter results for FY 2017-18 today.

Q3 FY 18 Financial Highlights:
• Intellect revenues for January - December 2017 crossed the INR 1000 Cr milestone and stood at INR 1031 Cr. Intellect revenue jumped from INR 577 Cr in CY 2014 to INR 1031 Cr in CY 2017
• Intellect Q3FY18 revenue grew 25% in dollar terms over same quarter last year. Revenues stood at $ 41.82 Mn (in INR 270.67 Cr) as compared to $33.57 Mn (in INR 226.46 cr) in the same quarter last year. INR Revenue registered 19.53% YoY growth.
• Gross Margin stood at Rs. 133.53 Cr in Q3 FY 18 as against Rs. 104.47 Cr in the same quarter last year.
• License and AMC contributed 37% of Q3 FY 18 LTM Revenue as against 34% in Q3 FY 17 LTM revenue.
• Q3FY18 License and AMC revenue sustained at over Rs. 100 Cr and stood at Rs. 102.19 Cr as compared to Rs. 77.32 Cr in Q3FY17 registering 32% YoY growth
• The Company registered positive EBITDA which stood at Rs. 16.08 Cr as against Rs. 18.48 Cr (Negative) in the same quarter last year, showing a movement of Rs. 34.47 Cr in EBITDA.
• Net Profit stood at Rs. 12.16 Cr as against the loss of Rs. 16 Cr in the same quarter last year
• Intellect recorded healthy collections for four quarters in a row. Collections for Q3 FY 18 stood at Rs. 293.66 Cr which is higher than the Q3 FY 18 Revenue
• The Net Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO) after taking customer advances into account stands at 120 days in Q3 FY 18 as against 151 days in Q3 FY 17

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