Crypto Valley Association founds Souther Alps Chapter

Source: Crypto Valley Association

Crypto Valley Association (CVA), the not-for-profit association supporting the development of blockchain and cryptographic related technologies and businesses in Switzerland, today announced the foundation of a new Southern Alps Chapter.

Fostering the convergence of business, financial, technology and academic expertise, the Southern Alps Chapter will contribute to grow and innovate blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy, putting together talents, competencies, know-how and resources.

“Blockchain is driving a number of applications for the broader benefit and advance of communities, citizens and businesses. Our goal is to facilitate the cross-sector applicability of blockchain systems, bringing clarity and confidence around this technology”, said Gianni Minetti, chair of CVA’s Southern Alps Chapter.

Blockchain can add value to multiple domains such as finance and banking, energy and utilities, Smart Cities, healthcare and education, manufacturing. CVA’s Southern Alps Chapter will support the aggregation and dissemination of know-how, and will provide a natural riverbed for various contributions to discuss and grow blockchain and cryptographic technologies in academic and business communities. Among its first tasks, the Chapter will make CVA’s Code of Conduct for Initial Coin Offerings available to start-ups and growing companies in the region, promoting it as a framework for organizations issuing, selling and transferring tokens to raise capital. The Code will guide ICOs on proper conduct taking into account all moral, legal, tax and security obligations, and has been warmly welcomed by regulators and businesses.

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