SunGard releases Fame EnergyServer 3.0

Source: SunGard

SunGard announced today that it has released version 3.0 of its FAME EnergyServer energy information system for processing, analyzing and leveraging energy information across the enterprise.

Supporting front-, middle- and back-office applications with cleansed historical energy market data, FAME EnergyServer 3.0 introduces integration with relational databases and global identifiers, helping to make system-wide data changes seamless for users.

FAME EnergyServer 3.0 provides:

  • Relational database integration containing transactional history, helping make the user instantly aware of changed and received data points
  • Introduction of "global identifiers", by which objects that are renamed on FAME EnergyServer automatically update spreadsheets, presentations, and downstream systems without affecting vendor or name code changes
  • Improved performance and speed in generating forward curves
  • Expanded database support, providing for seamless delivery of raw and derived data to Oracle and PostgresSQL databases
  • An enhanced spike and gap analysis tool with alerts, which may be used for quality assurance (QA
  • Enhanced data feed functionality and reports, including faster generic extracts that create text files for downstream systems, and an increased amount of derived data used for reports
  • Improved process monitoring that broadens the scope of processes evaluated for monitoring fails and restarts, hanging routines, and connection pools
  • Additional high-performance QA tools for synchronizing customers' systems with SunGard's master systems, checking data sets against meta data, and producing easy-to-read html output

"FAME EnergyServer 3.0 helps customers benefit from improved performance and enhanced quality assurance tools and database support, helping them to improve efficiencies and competitiveness in the global energy trading industry," said Janet Crowley, president, data management solutions, SunGard. "SunGard continues to leverage its expertise in market data and enterprise data management to extend proven capabilities to the various participants in energy trading."

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