Pulse Trading to deliver AFA's Impact Pro

Source: Advanced Financial Applications

Advanced Financial Applications (AFA), the leading provider of best in class Integrated Order Processing trading technologies to buy- and sell-side financial organizations, today announced that Pulse Trading, Inc. will now provide AFA's IMPACT Pro to its clients.

AFA's IMPACT Pro consolidates proven trade processing services on a single web-based platform. Under the arrangement, Pulse clients will have access to AFA's technology, which enables seamless electronic integration of trades from order entry through clearing and settlement. Pulse trading's niche institutional clients will have electronic connectivity to the Pulse trading desk via AFA. The result is improved client performance through technological efficiency and the reduction of labor and cost.

Dean Stamos, Managing Director of AFA, commented: "The relationship with Pulse is another step in AFA's evolution and mission to provide the street with best in class technology designed solely to improve client performance and profitability. Pulse clients will immediate have the ability to use AFA to streamline their trading process, and garner increased performance through reduced costs."

Said Pulse Trading's Chairman Mark Enriquez: "AFA's IMPACT Pro platform will enable Pulse to extend its reach to clients who do not yet have electronic connectivity, consistent with our core principles of neutrality and reduction of implementation costs. We believe the benefits of Pulse trading will now be available to a larger base of clients and will enable them to have access to the kinds of trading and trades that larger firms routinely enjoy. We are pleased that we are, through AFA, able to extend our offerings to these clients."

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