Travelex teams up with Xpress Money for transfers

Source: Xpress Money

Xpress Money, one of the most dependable money transfer brands in the world, has announced a strategic partnership with Travelex, a leading global expert in foreign exchange and cross-border international payment solutions, to provide instant global money transfers in its physical stores.

With over 100 Travelex locations, including ones at prominent airports the new partnership means that Xpress Money can expand its operations and customer base in the UK.

Founded in 1999, Xpress Money is the remittance arm of the UAE Exchange family, and a pioneer in the instant transfer industry. After its founders saw limited (and expensive) options available for instant international money transfers in the late 1990s, Xpress Money was launched as an affordable instant money transfer service. Since then, the company has enabled migrants to send and receive cash from a network of locations across the world and has become one the fastest growing remittance companies in the world.

“Thanks to our new partnership with Xpress Money, Travelex clients now have an additional service option when it comes to sending and receiving money across the globe” said John Rayment, UK Commercial Director, Travelex. “Xpress Money’s safe, secure and real-time services, coupled with the first-class training we’ve given our UK frontline staff to operate Xpress Money’s platform mean our customers can rely on our combined expertise and understanding to provide them with service that best suits their needs”

Speed, Security and Safety

In store and online, Xpress Money places emphasis on the safety and security of its users’ money, all while ensuring that the transfers are ready for collection within minutes. It was one of the firsts to introduce the unique 16-digit PINs to identify a customers’ beneficiary, guaranteeing that the transfer is secure. Going a step further, Xpress Money also ensures that its money transfer networks are error-free and secure, through compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorist Activity (ATA) processes.

“At Xpress Money, we emphasise the speed and accessibility of our money transfer services, and our partnership with Travelex will ensure our expanding customer base find it easier than ever before to send money,” said Sudhesh Giriyan, COO, Xpress Money. “The United Kingdom is a very important market for us and we’re constantly looking at ways to expand and collaborate to ensure that our customers have a wide range of convenient remittance offerings to choose from.”

The partnership with an established trusted global brand such as Travelex means that Xpress Money can now ensure that customers living or staying in the UK will be able to transfer money to their loved ones across the world in real-time. In the next few months, this partnership will extend to the European countries so that customers across the European continent can avail the money transfer service.

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