Wirecard publishes Boon stats

Source: Wirecard

Wirecard – the leading specialist for financial technology and payments services – today provides an update on the performance and current growth of its Apple Pay-enabled mobile payments app boon.

Following the launch in several major European markets, Wirecard announced the launch of boon. in the UK in March 2016. Since launch, boon. has seen significant traction and widespread global adoption amongst retailers which continue to accept growing volumes of boon.’s mobile payments, integrated with Apple Pay.

Having secured partnerships with the likes of Alipay, The Body Shop and We Chat in Asia, Wirecard has more recently secured deals with McDonald’s, Lidl and Aldi across Europe.

Wirecard today announces several key facts on boon.’s global growth, key consumer spending data and specific customer insight worldwide:
• The average age of boon users is approximately 33 years old and 94% of users are male.

• The average shopping basket value per user has increased by 140% Europe-wide since the launch of boon in Germany. This clear upward trend is confirmation of the fact that users are prepared to pay increasingly large sums via the boon app.

• The highest single transaction value also increased very recently from EUR 575 to EUR 1,300. This value is high compared with other mobile payment apps.

• The boon app’s monthly transaction volume continues to increase across Europe: Since the launch of boon in France and Switzerland in January and February respectively of this year, an increase in the total transaction volume of about 55% was recorded across Europe. The Italian launch in May 2017 also boosted the transaction volume by around 40%.

• Moreover, during the month in which boon was launched in Italy, the number of new registrations increased six-fold in comparison with the previous month.

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