FundTech adds notifications module to Payplus

Source: FundTech

Fundtech Ltd. (NASDAQ: FNDT), a leading provider of end-to-end corporate banking and securities processing software and services, today announced the availability of the PAYplus Notifications Alerts and Broadcast Module, a significant enhancement to its market-leading payments system, PAYplus USA.

The new module proactively sends critical information to bank personnel and customers helping reduce processing time and improve customer service. This comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool enables banks to adhere to customer SLA agreements and addresses regulatory requirements by identifying and quickly resolving processing issues. Messages are fully customizable and can be sent to an E-mail address, mobile phone, and\or pager.

PAYplus Notifications Alerts and Broadcast Module's functions include:

  • Notifications – notifies users when messages are in a specific queue and require intervention;
  • Alerts – alerts users when a connection between PAYplus USA and one of its interfaces, such as the FED, SWIFT or host, goes down;
  • Broadcasts – enhanced communication to individuals or distribution lists informing them of the issue and its status;
  • Reporting – reports track the various options that have been set up by the system, who they were set up by, and what alerts or notifications were generated within a specified date range.

By residing outside of the PAYplus system on a Linux server, the PAYplus Notifications, Alerts and Broadcast Module is a cost effective tool that equips banks with the means to better manage their payments operations and the ability to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Brian Jou, Fundtech's Senior Vice President of U.S. Products said: "Through client focus groups we discovered a strong demand for a tool that would monitor payment operations, and instantly deliver status reports in a variety of ways including wireless devices. The PAYplus Notifications, Alerts and Broadcast Module delivers this capability with 24/7 monitoring. Banks and their clients now have more control and greater peace of mind when it comes to their payments operations."

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