Lipetskcombank launches new mobile banking service

Source: Compass Plus

Lipetskcombank, one of the largest regional banks in Russia, has completed the implementation and launch of its new LKB Online mobile banking application built on TranzWare Mobile Banking from Compass Plus

The bank is now able to provide its customers with a number of new services such as remote payments, the ability to manage their cards and accounts, and access to information services using the new mobile application for smartphones running Android and iOS. Built on the latest TranzWare Mobile Banking system, LKB Online offers a user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, for example, the application can find the geolocation of nearby ATMs, and graphs and charts can be applied to statements to offer a visual representation of spend.

During the project implementation, Compass Plus specialists carried out customisations including the development and layout of the app interface, and the inclusion of additional services as requested by the bank. Lipetskcombank plans to further develop LKB Online to include more new functions to streamline the customer experience when making transactions and information requests.

Lipetskombank has been successfully working in partnership with Compass Plus for over 15 years and has an in-house processing centre built on TranzWare products.

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