Stash joins US neo-banking movement

Source: Stash

Stash, the financial services platform that's revolutionizing saving and investing, today announced its plan to launch mobile-first banking services to help millions of Americans who need support managing their day-to-day money and reaching their dreams of financial security and prosperity.

The personalized banking experience will use new technology, data and simple recommendations to lead clients on a path toward healthy financial habits.

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"When we launched the Stash platform, we redefined the financial services experience by providing affordable access and education to millions of Americans. Our new banking services will take that promise a step further. We are pioneering ways to relieve stress and improve our clients' financial security for years to come," said Brandon Krieg, CEO and Co-Founder, Stash.

Core banking features will include:

Goal-based savings feature to help clients create customizable short-term and long-term goals to save for the specific things that matter most.
Free bank accounts that are FDIC-insured with no fees, no minimum balance requirement and free access to the largest ATM network in the United States.
Stash's customized advice to help clients understand their money, reinforce positive behaviors and recognize those that put their financial dreams at risk.
Personalized spend and bill tracker to give clients real-time feedback on their current money status, transactions and financial patterns.
Auto and Smart-Save features to automatically save small amounts and analyze historical spending to save the optimal amount of money day-by-day.
Access to the Stash Plan. A proprietary, long-term financial security plan developed and backed by years of financial services experience.
Standard banking features including bill pay, direct deposit and Stash Debit Card.

"When we talked to our clients and analyzed their expenses, we were shocked by how much they were paying in fees. It's simply crazy that the average American pays close to $300 a year in bank fees," said Ed Robinson, President and Co-Founder of Stash. "We dug deeper and discovered traditional banks offered very little guidance or tools to help Americans manage their money. We're building our banking services to solve that and bring new tools, coaching and complete transparency to the process."

The banking service is the newest product in the Stash portfolio. Together with Invest and Retire, the Stash Platform gives everyone access to the tools and education needed to save and invest in their financial futures. Stash currently has more than 2.5 million Stash Learn subscribers and 1.2 million clients. Every week, Stash adds more than 25,000 new clients.

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