Capital IQ upgrades information platform

Source: Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's Capital IQ division, a leading provider of high-impact information and workflow solutions to the global investment and financial services communities, announced the release of a new version of the Capital IQ Platform featuring a broad range of fixed income and event-driven data as well as related analytics and usability enhancements.

The new release completes the first phase of a long term plan to integrate Standard & Poor's content assets with Capital IQ, which it acquired in September 2004. The newly added fixed income data includes securities features, covenants, pricing and S&P ratings, and is integrated with Capital IQ's screening tools, company profiles, and Microsoft Excel Plug-In.

"Capital IQ is an important part of our growth strategy. We are working to continuously enhance the Capital IQ Platform with Standard & Poor's industry-leading content to deliver desktop solutions that streamline the workflow of bankers, advisors, analysts, and portfolio managers across the M&A, private capital, equity, and fixed income markets," said Vlad Stadnyk, executive managing director of Standard & Poor's Data and Information Services, which includes Capital IQ.

Another major enhancement is an expanded database of market-moving events, or key developments, with extensive stock price changes related to each event. Capital IQ now tracks over 70 key development types for hundreds of thousands of public and private firms, enabling powerful event-driven screens such as executive changes, expiring lock-up periods, share repurchases, insider transactions, SEC inquiries, and more.

"Capital IQ is now better, smarter, and easier to use than ever. We added major new data sets and made a host of functionality improvements to enhance the end-user experience," said Randy Winn, managing director of Capital IQ. "We're confident that our existing client base and the fixed income investment community will be pleased with our latest offering."

Other notable enhancements include:

People and Board Intelligence: Capital IQ has long been a leading source of corporate officers' biographical information and "six degrees of separation"-inspired relationship mapping. A professional's profile now also includes details of his/her board membership history as well as board committee memberships. Additional views provide extensive breakdown of a company's board committees and committee function of each member.

Market and Industry Analysis: Extensive statistics and charts on M&A, fixed income, and equity market activities. New pages also include comprehensive sector aggregates, valuation metrics, and rankings of top advisory firms.

Index Profiles: Detailed profiles of over 60 major market indices including constituents, market performance, financials, ratios, transactions, key developments, and top executives.

Historical Multiples: A wide variety of valuation multiples available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and an annual basis. Also included are daily historical forward multiples calculated using consensus analyst estimates.

Expanded Click-Through Auditability: Capital IQ was the first in the industry to offer adjusted and auditable public company financials which enables users to "click-through" and audit specific line items to source filings. This feature has been expanded to include executive compensation and company-specific segment analysis.

TV News: Users can search and view video clips of U.S. television news programs that mention certain keywords and companies.

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