Zafin launches corporate banking tool to manage pricing and governance

Source: Zafin

At Sibos 2017, Zafin, a leader in financial technology, announced Zafin Client Offer Management, a product for corporate and commercial banks to manage pricing and deal governance.

By enabling Banking Relationship Managers to rapidly develop personalized, profitable deals for corporate banking clients, Client Offer Management helps corporate banks increase revenue by executing client acquisition and retention strategies. The solution is designed to reduce operational costs by automating manual processes and decreasing IT spending for standard business processes.

Zafin’s Client Offer Management is built to enable Relationship Managers at banks to develop pricing for a deal by testing different what-if pricing models and strategies in real-time with no technical expertise or IT interaction required. For a Tier-1 corporate bank, managing client-specific deals is a complex undertaking. Each client demands a tailored approach, with customized product and pricing propositions to suit each client’s needs. The process of serving these clients effectively, while ensuring revenue and profitability targets are met, is typically constrained by inflexible legacy systems, an incomplete view of the client relationship, and manual, spreadsheet-based processes. Zafin’s Client Offer Management solves for this, while facilitating ease of implementation by also enabling a completely cloud-based deployment for a rapid time-to-value for clients.

“Fifteen years of domain expertise and collaboration with our clients and partners in digital banking has led to the development and addition of Client Offer Management to Zafin’s platform of products,” said Adam Nanjee, SVP, Digital Banking at Zafin. “We are proud to release another avenue for our corporate banking clients to drive more revenue, create operational efficiencies, and expedite digital deployments.”

This platform assists banks to ensure profitability by linking pricing to required performance metrics. This functionality is currently being implemented at a Tier 1 bank and is a natural extension of their client-focused strategy and ongoing relationship with Zafin.

“Zafin’s platform is trusted by several Tier 1 corporate banks to enhance revenue and service their clients effectively,” said Dinesh Krishnan, MD Global Product Development. “With a tremendous amount of talent and collective financial technology experience on the team, Zafin has built Client Offer Management from the ground up to suit the needs of our corporate banking clients.”

Fast Facts:
• Client Offer Management is an updated corporate banking product to manage pricing and deal governance.
• It is designed to enable fast, simple client-centric offer creation for corporate banks.
• Works with legacy banking systems out-of-the-box to automate and facilitate manual processes.
• Creates efficiencies that stand to both expand revenue and reduce overhead costs for corporate banks.

Zafin’s Client Offer Management is the latest product in the Zafin portfolio to enforce its position in the corporate banking industry. This, along with the entire Zafin solution have, for years, made the company a force in the financial technology domain. Banks of all sizes can benefit from engaging Zafin to move forward rapidly on their digital journey.  

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