Visible Alpha adds e-mail tracking and budgeting to OneAccess research tool

Source: Visible Alpha

Visible Alpha today announced two new enhancements to its ONEaccess platform to aid clients in preparing for the compliance obligations associated with MiFID II regulations.

First, in collaboration with technology provider SPi Global, the firm now offers an email classification solution to help minimize the risk from inducements that come through one’s email inbox. Second, the company has released a budgeting application for managing both fixed and variable research costs in a more impactful and granular fashion.

The addition of these two offerings to the ONEaccess suite of products expands the company’s holistic MiFID II Solution for both research valuation and inducement management.

“As the MiFID II requirements around budgeting and inducements have become clear over the past six months, we’ve partnered with our clients and vendors like SPi Global to build the functionality that makes compliance as streamlined as possible,” said Mike Stepanovich, President of Enterprise Services at Visible Alpha. “Now, more than 60 firms with a combined $12 trillion in AUM are deploying our tools to meet research unbundling requirements and implement best practices around research valuation.”

The two new enhancements to the ONEaccess platform include:

ONEaccess Email Tracking & Classification: New technology developed with technology provider SPi Global mitigates the risk from inducements that come from accessing research content through one’s email inbox. The application classifies all email data, content, links and PDF attachments received into research categories and flags any potential inducements. The ONEaccess Email Tracking & Classification application is part of the company’s broader Reverse Entitlements functionality for managing all types of research inducements.

ONEaccess Budgeting: Advanced budgeting functionality from within the ONEaccess Resource Tracking solution allows firm administrators to set firm-wide budgets and allocate funds to specific groups, individuals, time periods, and fixed and variable costs. Investment professionals can then allocate their budget to specific research providers in order to comply with MiFID II budgeting requirements. All information captured within the ONEaccess Budgeting application can then populate the valuation framework established within the ONEaccess Broker Vote application.

“This partnership has resulted in an end-to-end solution that classifies research email towards mitigating inducement risks, to meet MiFID II regulatory requirements. Our goal as a content technology provider is to partner with companies like Visible Alpha to create industry specific solutions,” said Jishnu Gupta, Senior Vice President for Technology at SPi Global.

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