Baden-Württemberg Bank implements Kx Systems' kdb+tick application

Source: Kx Systems

Kx Systems, leader in high-performance databases and timeseries analysis, today announced that the proprietary trading division of Baden-Württemberg Bank (BW-Bank) has selected kdb+tick to enhance their multi-asset trading capabilities by adding realtime data capture and complex analytics.

"No other database vendor was able to provide us with the complete combination of capabilities that Kx could," said Christoph Metzger, BW-Bank. "We trade equities, futures and options in multiple markets. To do this well, we needed to capture data and run complex analytics in realtime, research historical data without delays and set up alarms and signals for tighter control of our trades. Kdb+tick provided all of these features enabling us to make better trade decisions and satisfy all of our compliance requirements."

Kdb+tick layers on top of the kdb+ database to capture, manage and analyze millions of streaming ticks as well as terabytes of historical tick data - with realtime results. Kdb+tick can process one million events per second, keeping up with peak volumes on any exchange. By combining streaming and historical data in a single database there's no need to discard in-memory data at the end of the day. Users can write sophisticated time-series analytics for in-memory and historical data and connecting to a new data feed takes only a short amount of time.

"Trading multiple asset classes in different countries requires an instant, accurate and simultaneous view of global markets, said Arthur Whitney, Kx CEO. "Kdb+tick provides traders with this crucial snapshot, giving BW-Bank a competitive advantage and a way to satisfy their regulatory requirements."

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