XMWeb signs investment bank to CRM software

Source: XMWeb

XMWeb, a leading provider of client management software for the financial industry, has signed another tier one investment bank to use its flagship client management application – also called XMWeb - which makes a clean sweep of the "back office" by improving service levels and managing clients throughout their life cycle.

The European-headquartered bank, which cannot be named for security reasons, joins another tier one bank which is already using the XMWeb application to accumulate and share client data, remove cumbersome processes, and improve its client relationships.

Designed specifically for operations departments in the financial industry, XMWeb is affordable, easy to use, and has industry-specific features including: call logs (for queries and issues), call reports (for recording the minutes of client meetings), client surveying and benchmarking. XMWeb stores client data in one central location, regardless of internal and physical boundaries - i.e. across products and regions – making it available to all authorised users, at any time. XMWeb can be accessed from any location, such as a client site, office or home

XMWeb is based around comprehensive data reporting and is an ideal client management tool. Users can track and resolve client issues centrally, giving them the opportunity to maintain client confidence by being proactive, responding swiftly and having a greater understanding of their client's needs. In this way, client relationships are improved, which can help retain business and create additional sales opportunities.

XMWeb hosts the bespoke client management application for its customers, avoiding the need for IT departments to become involved. There's no need for the customer to have specialist IT skills or install any additional hardware or software: everything is done for them by XMWeb's expert team. Customers simply need a commonly available web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. If required, however, XMWeb can also be hosted internally.

Andrew Mills, managing director of XMWeb, comments: "XMWeb allows financial institutions to cultivate client relationships throughout their entire life cycles, regardless of any geographic or internal constraints. The accumulation of detailed client data gives financial institutions a deeper insight into their clients' needs and, in turn, opens up opportunities as a result of possessing this knowledge."

He adds: "XMWeb has been deployed globally within tier one investment banks and gives those who use it the opportunity to be more proactive than their rivals. Our new customer will use XMWeb to provide an improved service to its most valued clients. They chose us because they expect to see increased results."

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