Invstr partners DriveWealth to enable fractional share trading

Source: Invstr

Invstr, the leading social and investment game app, announces a major new product offering which will give UK members the ability to trade fractional shares.

Through a new partnership with DriveWealth, LLC, a leading digital mobile broker-dealer for retail investors, members can invest in the companies they love with limited funds, before they have the financial resources to buy and sell whole shares. Fractional share trading on Invstr makes investing both accessible and affordable for many people for the first time.

Members using the Invstr app will now have access to a unique, end-to-end financial learning resource which allows them to discover, learn and practice investing in the markets, before trading in real-world stocks.

Members globally can invest as little as $1 in U.S. stocks, ETFs and ADRs with low transaction fees of only $0.99 per fractional share[1] or as little as $2.99 for whole shares.

“I was a banker for 30 years before creating Invstr. I saw that the financial world was simply not accessible or understandable for the average person. With Invstr, we’re changing that,” said Kerim Derhalli, founder and CEO of Invstr. “We’re pleased to partner with DriveWealth now to enable anyone with a smartphone and $1 to become an investor.”

Robert Cortright, CEO of DriveWealth, stated "We are excited to partner with Invstr, as they too believe that in order to make sound financial decisions, investors must have access to quality financial information, education and the ability to share their ideas. Through our partnership, DriveWealth will provide ‘Invstrs’ the ability to execute on their decisions."

The ability to invest real money adds to Invstr’s extensive features which help anyone learn about and practice investing in a safe and friendly setting. The app provides top quality financial news, a huge wealth of market data with live quotes for over 1,300 instruments, a social feed for members to share insight and opinions, technical charting tools, and fun investment and prediction games which also include real-time predictions from the Invstr community. This gamified experience allows investors to practice safely before investing with real money.

Derhalli founded Invstr after seeing first-hand the challenges in easily accessing financial information. He came to realize that unlike other industries, finance was being left behind by advances in technology, and there was an opportunity to apply social technology to financial markets. After spending 30 years in senior leadership positions at Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan, Derhalli set out to democratize access to finance by creating Invstr so that anyone, anywhere could learn how to invest.

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