Copenhagen woos Brexit fintech refugees

Source: Copenhagen Capacity

A top team from the Danish financial sector, headed by Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen, will be visiting London on 28-29 September to promote Copenhagen’s benefits as a financial hub.

The project is being led by Allan Polack, CEO of PFA, Europe’s fifth-largest pension company.

The focus on the pension industry is particularly significant given that Denmark has total pension assets of around GBP 500 billion. Denmark has a platform with considerable heritage, expertise and skills for asset managers, and it plans to chiefly draw the UK’s asset managers to the country’s capital.

“Copenhagen has a range of benefits unexplored by the financial community outside the Nordic region,” says Allan Polack. “A broad cross-section of the Danish financial community has come together to change that. Many large banks have already decided where to turn, but there are still a number of players that could find great value in looking to Copenhagen when considering alternatives to London.”. Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen stresses that Copenhagen has qualities that make it one of Europe’s best cities to live in.

“We have a number of trump cards that make it realistic to attract both companies and skilled individuals to Copenhagen,” says the minister. “A flexible and well-educated workforce, a stable economic and political environment, and a location in the heart of Europe with Copenhagen Airport close to the centre and offering connections to more than 150 international destinations. Last but not least, Copenhagen is one of the world’s best cities to live in, with short transport times, some of the world’s best restaurants and magnificent architecture.”

Finance Denmark, the trade association for financial companies in Denmark, is ready to welcome new companies with open arms: “The financial sector in Denmark is built around customer trust, good products and a high level of data security,” says Ulrik Nødgaard, CEO of Finance Denmark. “Our financial infrastructure of digital signatures and mobile banking solutions make us a leader in digital development Our customers are digital and they have confidence in the systems. Furthermore, we have an exciting and burgeoning FinTech environment, which is especially promising. The financial sector in Copenhagen is growing faster than any other sector, partly because we’re good at attracting activities from outside. So we’re looking forward to welcoming new international colleagues.”
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