CMS WebView reports disaster recovery services contract

Source: CMS WebView

CMS WebView plc (CMS), an international systems and software provider, has been awarded a new contract valued at $30,000 for disaster recovery-related services for one of the world's leading futures exchanges.

Using elements of the recently-launched Version 4 of its TDI modular software product, CMS WebView provides a facility that allows its clients to switch automatically and with no loss of data between its primary production site and live secondary (or disaster recovery) site(s). This new facility is an enhancement to its existing disaster recovery protocols.

A benefit of TDI is that it allows clients to run disaster recovery or secondary sites as live parallel environments capable of automatically replacing the outgoing production data feeds with no manual intervention. Other benefits of TDI Version 4 include:

  • New data content and statistic monitoring tools
  • Improved design tools providing rapid bespoke handler development
  • Upgraded administration and helpdesk website
  • Enhanced and rationalised API
  • Improved message monitoring to aid latency analysis

Lee Playford, CMS WebView's Software Development Director, comments: "As part of our ongoing development of TDI we have invested heavily in providing services for clients that allow automatic linking between primary, secondary and/or disaster recovery locations. The automatic backup gives our clients peace of mind in the rare event of a major primary system problem in terms of hardware failure, power failure, network failure etc."

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