Pendo launches machine learning platform for data discovery

Source: Pendo Systems

Pendo Systems, led by industry veteran Pamela Pecs Cytron, launches the new Pendo Machine Learning Platform (PMLP).

With advanced machine learning capabilities at its core, the Pendo Machine Learning Platform is a unique data management and intelligence platform, providing exploration, discovery and analysis capabilities across multiple, disparate sources of unstructured data. PMLP is already in use within two global sell side firms.

Pamela Pecs Cytron said. "There is a lot of talk in the industry about the 'AI revolution' and its potential to help resolve old world legacy issues and the related operational challenges many financial firms continue to grapple with. The difference is, we’ve turned talk into action and have developed a 'production-ready' solution that truly exploits the benefits AI can deliver. The Platform which has evolved over a two-year period, is now an advanced machine learning tool that turns unstructured data into structured AI ready data sets, and does it at a machine scale. We believe we have created a revolutionary new solution which helps firms to very quickly transform the way they operate, facilitating a seamless transition into becoming an AI ready business."

Until now, financial firms the world over, have faced very similar challenges, not only in terms of handling the sheer volume of unstructured data, but also how to harness the value of this important asset which is often 'hidden' within the depths of the enterprise. The PMLP has been designed to resolve both these issues. By combining a set of proprietary algorithms with repeatable, controlled analysis of files, the PMLP immediately classifies unstructured data unlocking the insights trapped inside millions of mission critical documents. Its continuous learning capabilities enables all business users to very quickly understand, and then assimilate, even the most subtlest of changes into the Platform. This approach accelerates overall productivity and significantly reduces the load on already overstretched IT resources. The PMLP delivers unparalleled accuracy while providing a 360-degree view of the business, as well as supporting a business's strategic transformation initiatives.

Pam concludes. "We are incredibly optimistic about the future, not only are there two household names already using the Platform, but we have also created an amazing and committed management team who are integral to taking this business to the next level. I am passionate about embracing diversity and am very proud of the fact that over 70% of the Pendo management team is made up of highly skilled, go getting women. From my perspective, it's all about attracting the best talent available and building robust and relevant solutions which add value to our clients’ businesses. The new Pendo Systems is now open for business and the demand for our unique platform is growing apace. Bring it on."

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