Deutsche Börse combines selected Eurex products in low-cost data package for private investors

Source: Deutsche Bourse

Effective immediately, Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services is offering the new information product “Eurex Retail Europe” which contains selected Eurex products to private investors free of charge.

Following the free trial phase, the data will be offered for 1 Euro per month as of 1 January 2018. The data package was customized for private and small investors in Europe and includes Mini-DAX futures, STOXX Europe 600 derivatives as well as important European equity options.

“By providing the data free of charge, respectively at a very low cost, we are helping private investors to reduce their total trading costs. Retail investors can access market data through the brokers and banks they use to trade on Eurex”, explains Hartmut Graf, Head of Data Services, Deutsche Börse AG.

The Mini-DAX future has a contract value of 5 Euro per index point, making it much smaller than the DAX future. Therefore, it is suited for private traders who want to trade on the development of the DAX index. With more than 400,000 traded contracts per month, the Mini-DAX future is highly liquid and in contrast to contracts for difference (CFDs) offers central and transparent settlement.

The STOXX Europe 600 index consists of 600 stocks, representing large, medium and small sized companies from 17 European countries. Each month, more than 600,000 contracts are traded, making the STOXX Europe 600 index future interesting for private investors.

In addition to index derivatives, the new data package also includes equity options on stocks from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg as well as volatility and currency derivatives.

In May, Deutsche Börse already announced the lowering of data fees, amongst others, for data covering Börse Frankfurt.

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