Korean fintech hub enteres MoU with Swiss counterpart

Source: S. Korean Fintech Centre

The FinTech Center of S.Korea (Chairman: Yushin Jung) held ‘the 20th FinTech Demo Day’. In the day's event, relevant personnel from the Financial Services Commission, Financial Supervisory Services and relevant organizations as well as overseas FinTech support organizations (VC, Accelerator, etc.) participated together and showed much interests and encouragements.

Especially, it was held in relation to the 'GMV 2017(Global Mobile Vision)' event to raise the investment opportunities of FinTech companies and promotion effects.

At this Demo Day, the FinTech Center of Korea signed an MOU with the Switzerland Greater Zurich Area AG for cooperation on FinTech area. The Greater Zurich Area AG was established on August, 1999, to promote mutual local interests with multi-national corporations to establish companies in Zurich, Switzerland and Greater Zurich area and to support them to understand the qualifications. It provides professional services for free through cooperation with local business promotion partners and other information providing organizations in areas like industry, science, education and tourism.

With this MOU, the FinTech Center introduced excellent Korean FinTech Start-up's to the Greater Zurich Area AG, and cooperated to build friendly FinTech Ecosystem such as promoting financial industry innovation of both countries and supporting FinTech companies. With this, the FinTech Center of Korea arranged a bridgehead on FinTech area cooperation in Switzerland following the UK, Australia, France, Singapore, the USA and China.

In the meantime, total of 7 FinTech companies introduced their new FinTech services and technologies through technology presentations and booth exhibition. In this event, financial firms and investors as well as relevant personnel from overseas FinTech support organizations showed enthusiastic interests on FinTech technologies and spent time to create networks with participating FinTech companies.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the FinTech Center Yushin Jung, through his Opening Address, said the Center has made a stage for both financial institutions and FinTech companies to grow through FinTech Demo Day's, and through active MOU's with overseas FinTech support organizations, it played a role as a bridgehead for local FinTech companies' advancing globally.

He also said that it would continually support more FinTech companies to develop profit models and to grow through future FinTech Demo Day's and cooperation with support organizations in and out of the country.

The FinTech Center plans to continually excavate FinTech start-up's with promising business ideas and provide them opportunities for promotion and investment though holding FinTech Demo Day's in and out of the country.

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