ABN Amro pay-back app Tickie clocks over a million users

Source: ABN Amro

Pay-back app Tikkie now has more than a million unique users. This landmark comes a little more than a year after its launch by ABN AMRO, in June 2016.

Tikkie is the fastest-growing payment app in the Netherlands: it reached and passed the previous landmark of half a million users in May 2017.

ABN AMRO's Chief Digital Officer Frank Verkerk comments, 'Tikkie was developed as a convenient and friendly tool for asking people to pay you back. We’re proud that Tikkie is so popular that it’s reached the magical landmark of one million users. The reason for its success, we believe, is that it solves a problem that people face every day, one that lacked a simple solution. We also wouldn’t have been able to set this record without the feedback from happy clients. We’ll keep listening to what they want, to add new functionalities and make the app even easier to use.'
Using Tikkie

While Tikkie's users fall into every age group, the app is most popular among 20 to 35-year-olds. The three most popular uses are 1. food and drink 2. buying presents and 3. other leisure events. These are all moments that people share. Tikkie is also becoming popular for day-to-day matters such as grocery shopping. So far this year, an average of 150,000 Tikkies have been sent every week, with an average payment request of 27.50 euros.
Commercial clients

After Tikkie was introduced for consumers in 2016, the first commercial partnership was launched in February 2017: customers of Transavia can now use Tikkie to pay for additional services, for example selecting a seat or booking an extra suitcase. The University of Groningen followed in July, and now offers Tikkie as a payment method for its students' tuition fees. 'We expect Tikkie to grow rapidly in the commercial market,' Verkerk continues. 'Interest in the service is high among companies: they understand that customers will pay more quickly with the convenience that Tikkie offers.'
About Tikkie

Tikkie is a free app for iPhone and Android. Although ABN AMRO was behind the initiative, Tikkie is free for clients of any Dutch bank. The app makes it easy to send payment requests to friends or family members by WhatsApp or SMS text message. Payments go through iDEAL and the payer's own bank. Anyone with a Dutch checking account and a smartphone can use Tikkie. A useful feature is that Tikkie works even if the recipient does not have the app. Tikkie is a startup initiative of ABN AMRO. The app is compliant with ABN AMRO's guidelines and security standards; users' data are carefully protected and are not shared with other companies.

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