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Managing money with a significant other can be really…well…challenging. We are Ramy, Joe, and Sam – the Co-Founders of Honeyfi – and we have each experienced the struggle personally.

We have all had fights with our partners about money, sometimes resulting in nights on the couch. (Really though.) We have all felt the strain of trying to balance two different perspectives on money. We’ve all paid fees for missing bill deadlines because we thought our partner was handling it. (Almost always our fault.) And we’ve all avoided talking to our partners about money, resulting in bad decisions and missed goals.

We’ve also tried the tools available - good old-fashioned spreadsheets and financial apps like Mint - and been frustrated with them. Spreadsheets are a pain to create and manage. The available apps don’t have the core features we really wanted, since they are designed for one person, not two.

So last year, we decided to build an app specifically for couples. Our goal was to help couples stress less about money, whether their finances are totally merged, completely separate, or somewhere in between. After long days, late nights, and lots of feedback from our Beta testers (thank you all so much!), we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re officially launching from our Beta today. Honeyfi is live in the App Store and Google Play Store. Damn, it feels good to say that.

A special thanks to our partners, family, and friends who supported us on this journey. We wouldn’t be here without you.

How does it work?

The app is designed to simplify household finances and make it easier for couples to collaborate on money. Couples link their accounts to the app, decide what to share with their partner, and then see all of their finances - organized and categorized - in one place.
Screenshots of the app

Honeyfi does a lot of the heavy lifting by automatically suggesting a household budget, identifying recurring bills, and providing categorized, searchable transactions. Honeyfi makes it easy to collaborate by letting partners comment on transactions, tag transactions to a person, and share financial insights with each other within the app.

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