Alpha Payments Cloud and Australia Post launch e-commerce joint venture

Source: Alpha Payments Cloud

Alpha Payments Cloud, a fintech pioneer aiming to evolve and simplify how payments related vendors are accessed, is excited to unveil its joint venture with Australia Post, named the Alpha Commerce Hub (ACH).

ACH aims to transform the Australian digital commerce industry by providing vendors with the opportunity to expose their solutions instantly to thousands of Australian merchants as well as Payment Service Providers (PSP’s), helping to evolve PSP’s into vendor enablement platforms.

The joint venture makes it easier than ever for Australian retailers and online merchants to find and leverage each other by unifying all critical business services on a single cloud platform.

“Think about it for one second, in an age of specialization, payment solution providers have the same solution set for each customer no matter how different their requirements are. Now imagine if instead, one could leverage a continuously growing functionality pool allowing for infinite solution permutations. So not one solution for all, but the right solution for each unique merchant need,” said Oliver Rajic, CEO of APC

“The Alpha Commerce Hub aims to be Australia’s Fintech solution switch breaking down these barriers that cause unnecessary delays that prevent innovation from blossoming. The ACH platform now positions you to capitalize on these Fintech innovations entering the market almost weekly, leaving you to play chess while others are still playing checkers.”

Similar to a marketplace, the platform provides a single user interface connecting merchants with vendors spanning the full spectrum of payments, identity, fraud, risk management and commerce services, such as loyalty, delivery preferences and shipping. With expensive licensing schemes, protracted integration times and associated expenses removed, users can now shift focus on operational and functionality and optimization instead.

“The partnership strengthens Australia Post’s commitment to help Australian businesses and the economy grow. Businesses will no longer need to invest in multiple platforms, integrations and expensive ongoing investment to stay current,” commented Australia Post Executive General Manager of Trusted eCommerce Services and Group Chief Digital Officer, Andrew Walduck.

“We’ll be working with our banking partners to offer Alpha Commerce Hub as a solution to help deliver better, more streamlined customer experiences. It’s an absolute game changer in Australia’s fintech evolution so we’re incredibly excited about the potential this joint venture brings to both our banking partners and our customers.”

The joint venture will capitalize on the strong reputation Australia Post has cultivated over the past two centuries as an Australian stalwart, and on Alpha Payments Cloud’s strengths in agility and fintech innovation.

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