Big xyt launches liquidity cockpit

Source: big xyt

big xyt, the independent provider of high-volume, smart data and analytics capabilities, today announced the launch of its Liquidity Cockpit, designed to give global trading and investment firms enhanced visibility over dark and lit liquidity, and the ability to navigate and analyse European market share across a fragmented and dynamic market landscape.

With the anticipated MiFID II dark volumes caps coming into force and the rise in Large in Scale (LIS) trading activity, equity market participants need to recognise LIS classified trades, track market share and navigate interactions across different liquidity pools.

The big xyt Liquidity Cockpit provides exchanges, brokers, heads of trading on both buyside and sellside firms with an overview of market share across all major European venues, including LIS categorised trades in line with ESMA thresholds, and the ability to act on changing market dynamics.

The cloud-based big xyt Liquidity Cockpit offers a normalised view of all trading data in tick granularity across European markets. The platform captures all trades across European trading venues and trade reporting facilities, normalises the data while keeping track of changes in trade conditions, and applies custom measures such as LIS classified trades. Data, including master data, trades, quotes and market depth, is available for download, visualisation and analytics.

The highly interactive dashboard uses powerful visualisation tools that enable users to quickly analyse data sets by security, venue, index, trade condition or share of LIS trading across European trading venues. The resulting analytics are available in real time and can be integrated into any existing streaming infrastructure, such as OMS or EMS.

The Liquidity Cockpit is designed to immediately and continuously reflect changes in the trading environment. New logic, proprietary or shared, can be incorporated within hours; by connecting quickly and easily to our cloud-based platform via APIs, trading firms can use their own business logic on our platform to leverage analytics for their business, including data on liquidity, market share or depth of order book.

Robin Mess, CEO at big xyt, said: “We are very excited to launch Liquidity Cockpit to help trading firms navigate and compete in an increasingly fragmented liquidity landscape. We are very encouraged by the interest we have received as the Liquidity Cockpit proves to be an independent, consolidated view of pan-European trading activity instantaneously reflecting the on-going changes of market structure, e.g. LIS executions.”

He added: “We have set out to build the tools necessary to navigate a data and analytics driven trading environment. We look forward to expanding our collaborations with the industry at large, as we envisage the Liquidity Cockpit becoming an invaluable asset to heads of trading and their teams, for both buyside and sellside firms as well as trading venues.”

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