TietoEnator establishes strategic customer operations division

Source: TietoEnator

TietoEnators new, Strategic Customer Operations (SCO) will concentrate on strenghtening relationships with TietoEnators customers.

It will coordinate and support customer relations and sales efforts in close cooperation with TietoEnator's vertical, customer-specific business areas and the Processing & Network business area. From 1 January 2006, the SCO organization consists of the following units: Strategic Offering, Strategic Marketing, Executive Advisors and Strategic Customer Program.

Senior Vice President Juhani Strömberg, PhD (Tech), 51, is responsible for the Strategic Offering unit. The mission of the unit is to contribute to TietoEnator's capability of making big deals and creating new customer relationships also outside the Nordic markets.

Juhani Strömberg has a wide and long experience in the development of the IT sector. He has been a member of TietoEnator's Management Team since 1999. He is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Stefan Witwicki, BSc (Econ.), 40, has been appointed Vice President of Strategic Marketing. The Strategic Marketing unit will support TietoEnator's growth by broadening the awareness of TietoEnator as the leading European IT service company trough its vertically focused offerings.

Stefan Witwicki has wide marketing experience in the banking and insurance area as well as in the telecommunications and automotive industry. He is now responsible for marketing and communications of TietoEnator's Telecom and Media R&D operations in Central Europe. He is based in Cologne, Germany.

Vice President Bo Harald, MSc (Pol.), 57, is responsible for the Executive Advisors unit. The mission of the unit is to prepare the ground for TietoEnator's business areas for delivering solutions supporting customers' migration to networked business models and higher automation degrees. The work will focus on understanding customers' needs and how new technology can provide better value and connect seamlessly to existing infrastructure.

Bo Harald, currently head of Payments & e-Services in Nordea, has a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the field of e-banking and as a developer of e-business services. He is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Patrik Egervall, BSc (Adm. & Econ.), 42, has been appointed Vice President of Strategic Customer Program. The Strategic Customer Program unit will concentrate on TietoEnator level sales activities and marketing with a target to increase organic growth by building common structures that create better possibilities for cross selling of TietoEnator's services and solutions.

Patrik Egervall is now the head of strategic sales at TietoEnator's Banking & Insurance business area. He is based in Stockholm in Sweden.

All persons above will report to Senior Vice President Pekka Viljakainen, who besides SCO operations is also responsible for Digital Innovations unit. Mr. Viljakainen reports to Pentti Heikkinen the president and CEO of TietoEnator from 1 January 2006.

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