ATP and Copenhagen Stock Exchange opt for Morningstar


ATP and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange team with Morningstar Danmark for development and operation of ATP's future "Folkebørs". Morningstar was chosen in continuation of the agreement between the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and ATP.

Morningstar will collect and supply market information for the electronic market place on the Folkebørs. This will ensure the customers simple and easy access to information about the investment funds, including all relevant investment key figures and a number of investment tools on the Folkebørs.

All investment funds registered on the Folkebørs will thus be able to present their products on equal terms so that pension savers can make decisions on an informed basis and with a good overview.

"It is our job to ensure transparency so that the customers will get the required information at the right time. We shall administer and supervise both the Danish and the foreign investment funds on the Folkebørs, thus we were looking for a supplier of market information that has an international network," said President and CEO Hans-Ole Jochumsen, Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Over the last 20 years, Morningstar has built a position as a globally respected provider of market information and in this connection they have developed a content management system which will make it easy and simple for the users of the Folkebørs to retrieve the information they desire.

"All sorts of different information is worth nothing if it is not read by anybody. Thus, when constructing the Folkebørs, it was important to us to get a system that is easy to navigate by the customers. Only if we ensure that the customers will get the required information, can we create the framework of a free choice," said CEO Lars Rohde, ATP.

Investment funds registered on the Folkebørs undertake to supply certain information that will enable the customers to compare the various investment funds' features and qualities. Thus, the market for investment funds will be as transparent as the stock market.

"It is Morningstar's mission to give private investors collective, easy and free access to independent and objective information. User-friendly tools and key figures will qualify the customers to make an informed investment decision. We hope that the Folkebørs will promote and strengthen the Danish share investment culture," said CEO Peter Meyer, Morningstar Danmark.

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