Elavon partners with Sysnet to provide EU customers with Secured Pro

Source: Sysnet

Today, Sysnet Global Solutions a leading provider of cyber security and compliance solutions to the payments industry, announced that it has partnered with Elavon Merchant Services to develop Secured Pro; a managed PCI compliance validation and cyber security service that offers enhanced protection against fraud and payment security breaches.

PCI compliance and security can be a confusing and lengthy process for small to medium sized businesses as their environments increase in technical complexity. To make their lives easier, Elavon Merchant Services worked with Sysnet to develop Secured Pro.

Secured Pro is a fully managed PCI DSS compliance validation service with an enhanced information security offering. The entire process is managed on behalf of the business by Sysnet agents, who reach out to the business when action is required. Secured Pro includes a range of scan checks that go beyond the basic requirements of PCI compliance to further enhance the security of the business’ payment processing environment.

Secured Pro provides businesses with;
• Proactive engagement when action is required
• Remote installation of relevant security tools
• Ongoing monitoring of scans and results
• Proactive remediation support when needed
• Management of compliance reporting

Elavon’s customers will receive ongoing communications to keep up-to-date and they can call the Secured Pro Helpdesk at any time for further support. They will also benefit from Elavon’s Breach Protection Programme, offering a high level of protection to customers who successfully completed the PCI compliance requirements applicable to their business. Elavon will also receive enhanced analysis to assist with managing their customers’ compliance and information security requirements.

“Our customers want to ensure that they are taking payments in a secure environment and we are committed to help them make the process of PCI DSS compliance and information security as easy and straightforward as possible” said Andrew Key, European President at Elavon. “We’re delighted to be working with Sysnet to provide our clients with Secured Pro which I believe is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use PCI Compliance managed services on the market. With the threat of payment fraud on the rise, this service not only helps protect our clients and their customers card data from fraud risk, it will keep working in the background while our customers focus on running their businesses.”

“Ten years ago most small businesses had a simple payment terminal. Today, those businesses have far more technically complex environments, however, most small business owners are not technical and most do not have the ability to employ an IT resource.” said Gabriel Moynagh, Chief Executive Officer at Sysnet Global Solutions “Elavon wanted a robust yet simple way to help those customers to both meet their PCI requirements and protect their payment environment. We’re extremely proud of the solution we have delivered to Elavon’s customers making it easy for them to understand what they need to do to be PCI compliant, but also ensuring that they protect their business and customer card data.”

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