Startupbootcamp InsurTech graduate, CBien, raises €8 million

Source: CBien

CBien, the leading European digital asset management platform located in Paris, Nantes and Hamburg, has raised €8 million from its existing shareholders MAIF, MACIF and 5M Ventures.

This second fundraising round confirms investors’ confidence in the French startup. The funds will be used to finance CBien’s visibility in France, its international expansion, the integration of key insurance offerings and processes (on demand insurance, claims management…) and the development of new technologies for asset referencing and management.

CBien helps you to secure, estimate and manage your personal belongings from the minute it is added to your digital inventory. Whether it is a smartphone or a sofa, books, bicycles and laptops, you can register anything you own or just your favourite items in just one click.

Meant to simplify the process of filing a claim after an incident, CBien was created in December 2013 by David Gascoin and Pierre Delage. CBien is supported by a digital platform which allows individuals to make a free inventory of their possessions to better understand the true value of each asset, but also, to helps them to manage these belongings throughout their lifetime. This can be reselling an object, renting it, facilitating the move, handling incidents and associated claims. Anything that makes everyday life easier!

Why use CBien?
● To Secure: washing machine, smartphone, guitar, camera - you can record your goods and proof of purchase, as well as warranties in the blink of an eye. In the event of theft, water damage or even burglary, you will find everything you need in a secure and confidential space.
● To Estimate: CBien has developed a unique algorithm to estimate the market value of any asset in real time. By knowing the value of your property, you can ensure that all possessions are appropriately covered in case of an incident.
● To manage: with CBien, you can re-sell, rent, share properties in just a few clicks. Everything is centralized to easily manage your belongings. You do need to spend hours searching anymore!

In 2016, CBien started three partnerships with major French insurers: MAIF, MACIF and MATMUT. In 2017, it foresees the development of new insurance partnerships in France as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom.

CBien has a clear objective: to allow insurers to position themselves as "Guardian Angels" in the lives of their clients via a multitude of touchpoints and to offer them relevant services.

Thanks to the services it provides on the platform, CBien accelerates supports the emergence of the collaborative or gig economy.

Christine Mathe-Cathala, Deputy General Manager of Insurance Operations and Customer Relationship at MAIF states: “The strength of our partnership with CBien and the acceleration of their project are both for the benefit of our members and shareholders because this allows us to bring new services in our relationship with them. The experience and the speed of processing or evaluating goods is thus improved. This mutual trust between MAIF and CBien illustrates the type of hybridization we want to implement with our start-up partners.”

"The MACIF Group confirms, as illustrated by the new fundraising for CBien, its interest to engage in joint projects with the startup. The objective is to create and develop new innovative solutions that simplify and facilitate the daily life of our customers and the handling of claims by our managers. This collaboration is in line with our innovation strategy and the effort to structure an ecosystem that includes key players thanks to our investment vehicle, MACIF Innovation," explains Stefania MAESTRONI, Director of Alliances within the MACIF Group and Vice-President of MACIF Innovation.

"When we were introduced to CBien two years ago, we were struck by its ambitious vision and by the talent of the team working on this new and innovative approach to manage personal assets. With a strong value proposition, it quickly became clear to us that CBien could interest a very large number of Insurers as well as consumers. Today, we are pleased to take part in the adventure and to participate in the growing success of this company,” added Christophe Montague, CEO, 5M Ventures.

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