Sparebanken Pluss renews EDB outsourcing contract


Sparebanken Pluss has signed a contract with EDB Business Partner for the supply of product solutions and operating services for its banking activities. The agreement runs from April 2004 to and including March 2009, and represents business volume of around NOK 105 million over this period. Sparebanken Pluss has chosen to continue its existing customer relationship with EDB by entering into an individual agreement for applications and operating services for its current and future banking solutions.

"We want to continue our long-term customer relationship with EDB, and EDB's products provide the foundation for our banking activities. This contract paves the way for further strategic collaboration on new product development," explains Stein A. Hannevik, Managing Director of Sparebanken Pluss. "The agreement with EDB gives the bank a modern and functional portfolio of applications at a competitive price, and also secures our access to new state-of-the-art banking solutions as they are developed in the future. The combination of good functionality today and the security of future improvements and renewal makes EDB a good choice of partner for us", adds Stein Hannevik.

EDB Bank & Finance provides a complete portfolio of banking applications and operating services together with the necessary infrastructure for the bank's core business activities and distribution channels. The contract also includes new systems for smart card services that meet international standards, as well as Internet-based lending and credit processing solutions integrated with customer service solutions. In addition Sparebanken Pluss is buying new solutions that will help to expand its Internet banking service with mutual fund products and additional services for the retail and corporate markets. Sparebanken Pluss has also signed an option agreement for the purchase of new lending and credit processing solutions.

EDB IT Operations will provide Sparebanken Pluss with applications operations, management of the systems platform and print/dialogue services.

"This contract is strategically important for us, and also confirms that EDB offers competitive pricing. By choosing EDB, Sparebanken Pluss has confirmed that we offer functionality to meet the needs of an independent savings bank for the development and renewal of its products and services," comments Ole Urdahl, Executive Vice President Bank & Finance in EDB.

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