Walmart launches mobile money sending platform

Source: Walmart

Three years ago this week, Walmart introduced its groundbreaking money transfer service, Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria, with the goal of bringing customers dramatically lower costs and a simpler money transfer experience.

Since that time, Walmart’s customers have enjoyed nearly half a billion dollars in fee savings through using this service, putting more hard-earned money back into their pockets.

Today, Walmart – together with Ria Money Transfer and American Express – announced further improvements to the service, with the ambition of helping customers save even more money, along with time.

Lowest-Ever Prices on Domestic Transfers

Despite already offering some of the industry’s lowest prices on money transfers, Walmart is slashing prices again on its Walmart2Walmart money transfer service. The new fees, available beginning today, allow customers to save 20 to 90 percent on cash transfers versus the leading competitor.(1)

Walmart2Walmart offers transparent national pricing in all Walmart stores, as opposed to other leading competitors, who often vary prices location by location:(2)

Easy Mobile Money Transfers via Bluebird

Also, beginning in May, Walmart and American Express will introduce the Bluebird2Walmart Money Transfer Service,(3) which allows accountholders of Bluebird – a checking and debit alternative – to digitally send money for cash pickup at Walmart store locations. Accountholders can access the new service by visiting or by using the Bluebird app on their smartphone.(4) Money receivers do not need a Bluebird Account; rather, they can simply pick up their funds at any Walmart store within minutes of the online transfer.(5) Pricing is consistent with the new Walmart2Walmart prices.

“We are extremely proud of the significant savings our customers have enjoyed in the three years since Walmart2Walmart was introduced. For the millions of customers who rely upon transferring money to help family and friends – whether regularly or in times of urgent need – we know saving money on costly fees can make a big difference,” said Kirsty Ward, vice president, Walmart Services. “Now, with even lower fees for Walmart2Walmart, as well as the option to send money digitally with Bluebird, we continue to deliver on our mission to save customers’ money, as well as time.”

Today’s announcement is the latest way Walmart is bringing a new kind of ease and convenience to wire services. Earlier this year, Walmart announced enhancements to the Walmart app to create a faster, easier and more convenient experience for money transfer customers. The new capabilities, which began rolling out to Walmart stores in March, enable app users to use a designated express lane in stores.

Money transfer services are just one of many financial services offered at local Walmart MoneyCenters and Walmart Customer Service desks. Other services include check cashing, bill pay, money orders, tax preparation services and pre-paid card programs, as well as Pay with Cash. 

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