USAmeriBank rolls out D+H payments hub tech

Source: DH Corporation

DH Corporation (TSX: DH) (“D+H”), a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, today announced that USAmeriBank has signed on to implement D+H’s next-generation, multi-tenant hosted payments hub solution for its U.S. domestic and international wire transfers.

USAmeriBank had selected D+H’s payment solution to automate wire payment processing in May 2015 after experiencing significant year-over-year wire volume growth. Having realized a substantial improvement in operational efficiency and enhanced straight-through processing from that implementation, the bank is now upgrading to D+H’s next-generation payments hub to benefit from the latest technology and higher levels of performance. The bank is serving as a strategic partner to test and implement the next-generation solution, which will be generally available in 2017.

“We look forward to implementing D+H’s next-generation solution and realizing further benefits associated with enhanced functionality and service, and improved availability,” says Cheryl Cultice, Assistant Vice President, USAmeriBank. “By upgrading to a payments hub, hosted in D+H’s service bureau, we will easily be able to add additional payments services as we grow, future-proofing our business.”

D+H’s next-generation payment solution promises to deliver reduced cost and greater efficiency, reduced risk, enhanced decision support, and improved customer support. It is being developed as a multi-tenant, multi-currency, service bureau-hosted global payment services hub, built on an open service oriented architecture which makes integration with a financial institution’s existing technology infrastructure fast, easy and predictable. Having the solution hosted within D+H’s service bureau reduces operational complexity and lowers the bank’s total cost of ownership. It provides a single platform to process any payment type and is able to support a variety of payments channels ‘out-of-the-box,’ including branch, file transfer, mobile, securities, investment banking, and more. The architecture ensures extremely high service availability, averaging 99.999%.

“By offering our next-generation payment product as a multi-tenant solution hosted in our service bureau, D+H is meeting customer demand for a payments solution that is easy to implement and affordable for institutions of any size that seek to modernize their payments infrastructure,” says Chris Zingo, Group Head, Sales & Account Management, D+H. “We are able to provide industry-leading service availability, while removing the technology burden from our clients.” 

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