Interlink releases interactive signature terminal

Source: Interlink Electronics

Interlink Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ:LINK), the world's leading developer of intuitive interface technologies and solutions for business and home applications, today announced availability of the ePad XL interactive signature terminal.

Created to capture, bind and verify signatures, ATM card data and interactive customer information, the ePad XL terminal is designed for deployment in banks, hotels, car rental counters, cellular service offices and other customer-facing applications. In addition to capturing and encrypting personal signatures, ePad XL's LCD touch screen displays text and graphic content for customer review and interaction. ePad XL is fully integrated with Interlink's family of ePad electronic signature capture devices and its IntegriSign Signature Software Suite.

"With the introduction of the ePad XL Terminal, Interlink offers leading financial institutions a fully-integrated, enterprise-wide data capture solution," said Rod Vesling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, E-Transactions, Interlink Electronics, Inc. "ePad XL provides the industry with a device that combines identity verification, signature capture, payment processing and the delivery of valuable marketing messages in a single small footprint. Its large color screen enables clients to display important disclosure information or marketing messages with excellent clarity. ePad XL also offers unprecedented fraud reduction and process automation to our target markets. In the past, businesses or government agencies would have deployed two or three separate devices to accomplish what the ePad XL accomplishes."

"Complimenting ePad XL is Interlink's IntegriSign Signature Software Suite," continued Mr. Vesling. "IntegriSign is a robust signature software platform that enables ePad XL terminals to securely capture and bind signature data to electronic forms and transactions. ePad XL with IntegriSign not only gives institutions the signature capabilities they need, its ability to display graphics and text back to the customer enables whole new areas of customer service and marketing application development."

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