ATMIA issues Windows 10 Readiness Position Paper

Source: ATMIA

ATMIA today issued an industry call to action for ATM deployers to plan for their migration to Windows 10 OS as soon as possible.

The call to action forms part of a new “Windows 10 Readiness Position Paper”.

“With the first hardware manufacturer technically ready for Windows 10 during Q2,” explained CEO, Mike Lee, “ATMIA urges all its members who are ATM deployers or operators to kick-start their migration planning immediately.”

The study, expertly compiled by award-winning ATMIA-endorsed consultant, Eric de Putter of Payments Redesign, shows that software suppliers will require 3 - 9 months for enhancements, once the major manufacturers give the go-ahead for Windows 10 readiness, while ATM operators may need a further 12-15 months of internal work and possibly hardware upgrades.

“These future timelines reveal that the clock is ticking loudly for the ATM industry in terms of getting ready for the end of support for W7 OS,” Lee added. “An W10 impact analysis is urgently required by each deployer.”

ATMIA’s new paper outlines the requirements of a roadmap for a successful 2020 migration to the Windows 10 operating system and explains the remaining issues which need to be considered. It contains a table which sets out the state of readiness for the migration for deployers, suppliers and manufacturers. It shares anticipated timelines for each step on the 2020 roadmap, as well as practical guidelines and recommended actions.

“Long-term planning saves costs, reduces security risks arising from the end of support for the obsolete operating system and results in a smoother deployment of the new operating system,” Lee concluded. “ATMIA wishes all its global members an optimal future migration.”

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