Malauzi to implement Touch ID for Android users

Source: Malauzi

Malauzai Software, a provider of mobile and Internet banking SmartApps for community financial institutions, today announced that it will be launching the Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID technology for Android 7.0 users this year.

With this functionality, customers and members can use the fingerprint authentication to manage their finances by simply utilizing the physical sensor supported by the Android Fingerprint API. (CLICK TO TWEET)

“Adding biometrics for Android provides an increased level of protection and security for all mobile users, regardless of platform,” said Sean Darragh chief information security officer, VP data center operations, Malauzai. “Biometrics is yet another way to add convenience and additional security control, further enhancing the end user’s overall experience. More and more consumers are managing their finances on mobile devices, and the addition of biometrics provides an additional layer of security, providing the same comfort they feel when using a desktop.”

The Android Touch ID functionality will allow SmartApp users to log in by leveraging the biometrics-driven authentication, eliminating the need for traditional credentials related to manual passwords or security questions. By simplifying the mobile access process, Touch ID creates the opportunity for a faster and more secure customer access experience. Quicker access means lower operating costs for financial institutions and potentially a decrease in interface issues and login information retrieval calls to support centers. Android Touch ID will be available on any Android device equipped with a fingerprint scanner leveraging the 7.0 operating system.

Malauzai introduced the Touch ID authentication to the iOS operating system in February 2016. A recent report states that though iPhone users utilize Touch ID three times more than Android users, iPhone users account for only two times the number of logins as Android users. In Malauzai’s case, 39 percent of SmartApp usage derives from the Android operating system. The idea is that as the platform gains more functionality and capabilities, these Android users will increasingly adapt to what is being offered, therefore driving customer and download growth.

“Every time we introduce another mobile banking functionality, we create yet another opportunity for our financial institutions to enhance its customer experiences,” explained Robb Gaynor, chief product officer for Malauzai. “It is important for these bank and credit unions to proactively serve consumer technology needs, because if they are not offering it, another institution certainly will be. The Touch ID authentication is just another way we can drive new business opportunities and prolong existing relationship with small business customers.”

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