Reloadable MasterCard introduced in Canada

Source: Mint

Mint Inc., a subsidiary of Mint Technology Corp. (Vancouver:MIT.V), TNS Smart Network Inc. and Peoples Trust announced today that the Prepayedge MasterCard card, one of the first prepaid and reloadable MasterCard cards being introduced in Canada, is available for purchase.

The Prepayedge prepaid MasterCard card is now available in Canada to a wide demographic of consumers. With the Prepayedge MasterCard card there is no credit check required and can be purchased by virtually everyone who submits and completes a qualified application. Furthermore, the Prepayedge MasterCard card can be used at the millions of locations worldwide where MasterCard is accepted today including retailers, websites, mail order, mobile purchases and select ATM cash withdrawals.

"We have already received incredible response amongst consumers for our Prepayedge prepaid MasterCard card," said Mischa Weisz, President and CEO of TNS, "The Prepayedge MasterCard card addresses a great demand from many individuals who may require the safety and acceptance of a MasterCard in their daily lives but are not qualified for a traditional credit card due to credit issues, stricter age requirements, new residency in Canada, etcetera. It is ideal for family spending, travelling, school spending, secure Internet shopping, gift giving, to name but a few. It is simple, you load it and you spend it."

"With the availability of our prepaid MasterCard card products, Canadian consumers are now in a position of greater control," said Frank Maduri, President, Mint Inc., "A large cross-section of Canadians have been unable to make basic purchases online, book holidays or have the convenience of not carrying cash - a prepaid MasterCard card is the perfect solution to this barrier."

"As the issuing bank, it has been very rewarding to partner with Mint and TNS to witness a new and flexible method of payment become available to the Canadian public," said Gerry Serratore, Vice President Marketing, HorizonPlus Card Services Ltd., an agent of Peoples Trust.

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