Parlano releases MindAlign version 5.4


Parlano, Inc., a market leader in enterprise collaborative messaging solutions, today announces the general availability of version 5.4 of its award-winning MindAlign Collaborative Messaging Framework. On the leading edge of instant messaging and enterprise collaboration, MindAlign enables organizations to better execute and manage business relationships, processes and financial transactions by securely connecting employees, customers and partners with the right people and information, with the appropriate context, enabling faster and better informed business decisions.

"Every release of MindAlign addresses the growing requirements of our customers and business partners. Evolving collaborative messaging with this community is about further integrating people and processes with message persistence and proper contexts to deliver increased productivity," stated Nick Fera chief executive officer for Parlano. "The tacit knowledge created in day-to-day operations of corporations is lost the second a communication ends or the process is complete. Parlano continues to deliver industry-leading solutions that capture this knowledge and context and enable it to be accessible throughout an organization and its existing business systems."

MindAlign version 5.4 takes significant steps forward, based on the strength of the 5.x platform, in its ability to deliver superior collaborative messaging applications for complex, information and relationship intensive organizations. Key capabilities in the version 5.4 release include:
  • Improved Messaging Capabilities:
    • 'Story' Messaging: Version 5.4 introduces the capability to elegantly manage long posts as attached 'stories' into the message channel in a fashion similar to file postings. Stories enable the flow of the channel to continue unabated with quick visual reference to more detailed information further framing the context of the discussion and the intent of the channel.
    • Enhanced User Identification Controls: Version 5.4 provides customizable visual distinctions for members of the MindAlign community which enable members to quickly and consistently identify a community member by their role in the larger community or an individual channels.

  • Improved Management Capabilities:
    • Channel Category Management: Version 5.4 introduces controls for persistent message channel managers to assign categories to channels which can then be used to automatically join users to multiple channels, simplifying system configuration and enhancing community management.
    • Active Directory and LDAP Support: Version 5.4 enhances support for Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to simplify system and end-user configuration, access and enterprise identity management strategies.

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