Temenos develops DevOps midset with Cloudbees

Source: Temenos

CloudBees, Inc., the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, announced today that Temenos has selected the CloudBees Jenkins Platform to accelerate software delivery, with the goal to improve the way banks and leading financial institutions manage and deliver products to their customers.

Temenos is Europe’s fourth largest software company, working with over 2,000 firms in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Today technology companies are competing with long-standing financial institutions. To keep up with the rate of innovation occurring in financial services, banks are being challenged to shift their focus away from business-as-usual and to focus, instead, on efficiency and faster time to market with new products and services. This more rapid pace of innovation is enabling retail banks to better meet consumer expectations.

By implementing a solid continuous delivery platform powered by CloudBees, Temenos is enabling some of the world’s leading banks to fundamentally change the way products and services are designed, managed and ultimately delivered, leading to new or improved products and services at a much lower cost of innovation.

“It is a DevOps mindset, continuous delivery. We need to be able to continually validate software builds across multiple products and integration points - and to deliver products to market with confidence,” explained Ben Williams, head of development platforms and methods, Temenos. “With CloudBees, we are able to create and manage an intelligent integration platform where products come together, with automated testing and deployment. We expect to see a far greater rate of feature churn - the speed with which we can go from idea to customer availability.”

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is a proven, fully-featured enterprise solution for implementing continuous delivery (CD) powered by Jenkins. It orchestrates the entire factory infrastructure of Temenos’ software development and will be used as an automation server for its Unified Temenos Platform (UTP). With CloudBees, the various teams within Temenos are able to continually validate software builds across multiple products and integration points, in addition to delivering new capabilities to market with speed and confidence.

“We are excited to be part of Temenos’ journey to reshape the way banks develop and deliver products to millions of consumers around the world,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder, CloudBees. “Software has become business-critical not only for start-ups, but also for established organisations that have to compete on new grounds. Continuous delivery and DevOps are providing these organisations with the tools and processes they need to enter this new software-based era of competition, enabling them to deliver added value faster and sooner, while taking into account industry trends and end-user feedback.”

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